Saturday, December 28, 2013

Week 30 #Operationhornettes

How far along:  30 weeks!  I can't believe there's only 10 weeks left (but realistically 6-7 weeks left)...times a ticking! 

Size of the twinkies:  Fruit of the week is getting a little's a head of lettuce this week and 18 inches long and 3.2 pounds.  I'll get a more accurate weight and measurement at the ultrasound coming up this Thursday.

Total weight gain:  32 pounds as of last appointment.  I'll get a more up to date weight gain at my appointment on Thursday.

Sleep:  It averages around 4 times a night I would say.  Some nights I'll only get up 3 nights and other nights it's 6+ times per night.  I'm sure it's only going to get worse but it is what it is.  All part of the amazing pregnancy journey.

Gender:  Two lil dudes.

Names:  RJ and Johnny.

Best moment of the week:  Christmas of course!  It was fun getting presents for the boys and thinking about this time next year when they'll be crawling all around, annoying their cousins and loving the wrapping paper!

Movement:  They are true boys!  Moving all around and I love that I can see them move all around.  Their movements are getting stronger and stronger each week.  They move all day and when I lay down to sleep but they aren't keeping or waking me up.

Anything making you sick or queasy:  Same ol' same ol'...pork and soy sauce.

Mood:  Happy and happy!  

Looking forward to:  New Years Eve and my doctors appointment and ultrasound this week.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Week 29 # Operationhornettes

How far along:  29 weeks! 

Size of the twinkies:  They are the size of a butternut squash.  They weigh about 3 pounds and will continue to gain about a half a pound per week for the next 7 weeks. 

Total weight gain:  32 pounds...gotta keep those babies nice and plump!

Sleep:  Still getting up around 3 to 6 times a night but I am getting right back to sleep.

Gender:  Two lil' boys!

Names:  RJ and Johnny.  Can't wait to see them in person!  And for those of you who have asked....RJ will be the oldest b/c in womb he is perky and awake in the morning....just like me!  And Johnny is the non-presenting (aka the top, aka the youngest) b/c in the womb he is just like Jim....sooooo dramatic when awoken on the early morning ultrasounds.

Best moment of the week:  They are really a moving and a shaking now and I love seeing them move all around in my stomach.  The feeling will never, ever get old. 

Movements:  See above. 

Anything making you sick or queasy:  Still can't handle even the thought of pork or soy sauce.   Yuck!

Mood:  Excited for Christmas!  I can't believe next year we'll have two babies crawling all around...just so exciting to think about!

Looking forward to:  Christmas and seeing our family!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 28 #Operationhornettes

How far along:  28 weeks!!!  Officially in the third trimester!!!  Seems so crazy that in a short amount of time, we'll be meeting the boys!  I'm so excited but I want them cooking for as long as they can!!

Size of the twinkies:  Fruit of the week is a cabbage.  I seriously am not getting the fruit of the week as we go along.  So 17" long and 2.9 pounds.

Total weight gain:  Will find out tomorrow at my doctors appointment.

Sleep:  Now up to 4 to 6 times a night getting up to go to the bathroom.  And it takes me a little bit to get comfortable.

Gender:  All boys all the time!

Names:  My boys RJ and Johnny.

Best moment of the week:  Making it to the third trimester.  When I think how far we've come it brings me to tears.  I love feeling them move around and seeing them move.  Their kicks are getting stronger and stronger.  Mrs. Horne came up this weekend and helped with sewing for the nursery.  She sewed the pompom trim on the curtains and a pillow.  Jim hung the curtains and we got the gliders delivered and Jim picked up the bookcases and worked on the closet.  The nursery is really getting there and is turning into my favorite room in the house.  I smile every time I walk by it.

Movements:  It's womb kung fu in there now.  I love every last kick!!!

Anything making you sick or queasy:  Pork and soy sauce.  Yuck and yuck!

Mood:  Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to:  Jim and I are celebrating our Christmas on Saturday together.  Massages (a prenatal one for me) and dinner at Capital Grille.  Our last Christmas as a family of 3 (too bad there isn't a doggie massage for Sammy)!  But so excited for all the holidays with our boys that are yet to come!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 27 #Operationhornettes

How far along:  27 weeks.  One week to go till the third trimester and we're in the double digits now in the count down till we meet the little guys!

Size of the twinkies:  Fruit of the week is a head of a cauliflower (seems like the fruit is getting smaller each week, no?).  At the ultrasound this week, the ultrasound tech was able to measure their weight.  Twinkie A weighs 2 pounds 10 oz and twinkie B weighs 2 pounds 6 oz.  They are growing so quickly!  Makes mama happy!

Total weight gain:  26 pounds so far.  Right on track.

Sleep:  Well it's going downhill.  I now get up at least 4 times per night and sometimes it takes me a while to get back to sleep.  Thank goodness for instragram and facebook to fill those sleepless nights.

Gender:  Blue and blue!

Names:  RJ and Johnny.

Best moment of the week: Any time I get to see them moving and squirming around on an ultrasound is a great week.  If they are anything like they are in the womb than Jim and I are going to be chasing those boys around 24/7!  We also took our birthing class and it was soooo worth it.  We both learned a lot and I think it prepared us for childbirth (well as much as anything can prepare first time parents for childbirth).  It was also nice to connect with other twin parents.

Movement:  Kicks are getting stronger and stronger and I'm starting to feel the presenting more and more...too bad I can't actually see the presenting move due to my big belly.

Anything make you sick or queasy:  U got it...pork.

Mood:  Can't believe we're in the double digits for a count down.  So crazy excited to meet our little men.

Looking forward to:  A lot of the nursery furniture is going to be delivered this week!  I can't WAIT to see it all come together.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 26 #operationhornettes

How far along:  26 weeks!  It's flying by!

Size of the twinkies:  They are now the size of a cuke.  They fruit size corresponds with the head to toe measurement whereas before it was foot to rump.  They are about 2.2 pounds and 15" long.  I can't believe how big they are!

Total weight gain:  Still at 24 pounds but I go for an appointment tomorrow so I'll get a more accurate reading.

Maternity clothes:  Duh!!!  Just got a few new pieces from Target this weekend.  I was in need of basic long sleeves.

Sleep:  Still the what-appears-to-be-the-norm 2-3 times per night but the snoogle is saving me along with another pillow that I tuck under my belly.  It makes it comfortable to sleep.

Gender:  Boys!!!!

Names:  FINALLY!  I can tell the world the names!!!  Twinkie A is Richard James (Richard being named after my Dad and James after Jim and my Papa).  We plan on calling him RJ.  Twinkie B is John Keefe (John being after Jim's Dad and is also my Mom's Dad's name and Keefe being my mom's maiden name).  We plan on calling him Johnny or Jack.  That is still TBA.

Best moment of the week:  Being able to share the names of the twinks at Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a blast to finally being able to tell our family the names (even though there was LOTS of speculation and guesses by everyone beforehand)

Movement:  It's like a jungle gym in there!  I love being able to feel and see them move.  Such an amazing experience.

Anything make you sick or queasy:  Pork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jim showed me a picture of a roast pork and I almost threw up.

Mood:  Soooo excited to be so close to the third trimester.

Looking forward to:  My appointment tomorrow.  They should be able to measure the baby's height and weight.  I can't wait to see how much they've grown.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 25 #Operationhornettes

How far along:  25 weeks!!!  3 more weeks till the third trimester!

Size of the twinkies:  Eggplant again.  Not sure who determines this but could we get a little more creative this week than eggplant again??  They are measuring 9.2" and weigh in at a whooping 2 pounds!  Although we should get a tad more accurate weigh in and measurement when we go for our next ultrasound on December 2nd.

Total weight gain:  24 pounds based on my last appointment.

Maternity clothes:  You know it!

Sleep:  Only been getting up about 1-2 times/night so not terrible but back to staying up for an hour or so when I get up.  Honestly can't complain though because I'm still comfortable sleeping.  I owe it all to the snoogle.

Gender:  Two boys all the way!

Names:  They WILL be announced at Thanksgiving dinner this year...can you stand the suspense???

Best moment of the week:  Far and away our baby shower for the twinks.  We have never felt more spoiled or loved.  It was an amazing feeling yesterday.

Movement:  Yup!  They are a movin' and a shakin'.

Food cravings:  Fish has been my protein of choice lately.

Anything make you sick or queasy:  Pork (except for bacon of course!!)

Mood:  So loved and excitement!

Looking forward to:  Thanksgiving dnner!!  And family time!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 24: #operationhornettes

How far along: 24 weeks!!! Seems so crazy to think in a few short weeks I'll be entering the third trimester.

Size of twinkies: Fruit of the week is eggplant. 9" long and 1.7 lbs. At this point they are gaining an average of 6 ozs./week. Not sure how they're going to fit in there in a few weeks.

Total weight gain: Still at 24 pounds. I'm sure after Thanksgiving that will go up drastically! haha.

Maternity clothes: Um should this even be a question anymore?

Sleep: Getting up 3-4 times a night. I think it's God's way of preparing me for what is to come...

Gender: Two fightin' boys!

Names: We have FINALLY finalized the names!!! Can I get a woo hoo??

Best moment of the week: We had our mini Thanksgiving with the Holy Cross crowd and it was so fun showing off the nursery.

Miss anything: Nope.

Movement: Oh yeah. Now I can poke my belly and it causes them to move. I also noticed when I eat something sweet that really gets them going.

Food cravings: Anything mexican and BLTs.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Same ol, same ol.

Mood: Contentment and love (I know, I sappy...what can I say?)

Looking forward to: This is the week before the shower so getting things ready for it!

Week 23 #operationhornettes

How far along: 23 weeks!!! I can't believe it!

Size of twinkies: Fruit of the week is an ear of corn. 8.5" long and 1.5 lbs. I can't believe I have something that big times TWO growing in my belly right now. Craziness!

Total weight gain: 24 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Duh!

Sleep: Still getting up 2-3 times per night but I do seem to be going right back to sleep which is great.

Gender: Blue and blue.

Names: Still finalizing....

Best moment of the week: Jim put the cribs up!!!!!!!!!! Talk about it becoming real!!! I find myself going in there just to be in there. I still can't believe we are creating a nursery.

Miss anything: Nope.

Movement: I saw them move!!! Talk about the most amazing feeling in the world. It's so reassuring seeing them move around. It just makes my day.

Food cravings: BLT.

Anything make you sick or queasy: pork.

Mood: Loving every.single.second. of this pregnancy.

Looking forward to: Going to Infant CPR class.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 22 #operationhornettes

How far along:  22 weeks!!!  Over the halfway mark and well into my second trimester.  Crazy because it's gone by so quickly.
Size of twinkies:  Fruit of the week is papaya.  8" long and 1.2 lbs.  They are plumping right up!  Just what I like to see.
Total weight gain:  Will find out in 3 days.
Maternity clothes:  Seriously why can't normal jeans be made like maternity jeans??  They are soo comfortable.
Sleep:  Still getting up 2-3 times per night but I do seem to be going right back to sleep which is great.
Gender:  Two cute as pie baby boys.
Names:  We are pretty close to finalizing the names...any day now!
Best moment of the week:  We bought so much for the nursery this week.  Mattress, mattress pads, gliders, rug, fabrics, curtain rods, bookcases and bench cushion.  Can't wait to see it all come together!
Miss anything:  Nope.
Movement:  Yup! At some points it's like a jungle gym in there.
Food cravings:  Anything mexican.
Anything make you sick or queasy:  Do I even need to say it anymore?
Mood:  Excited and elated.
Looking forward to:  Getting the nursery painted.

Week 21 #Operationhornettes

How far along:  21 weeks!!! 
Size of twinkies:  Size of a squash.
Total weight gain:  Not sure...won't know till November 6th at my next appointment.
Maternity clothes:  Obvs!  Look at me!  hahaha
Sleep:  Getting up about 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom but overall pretty good.
Gender:  Two bouncing baby boys!
Names:  Still deciding between a couple names....
Best moment of the week:  Feeling the twinks move never gets old!
Miss anything:  Being able to sleep through the night.
Movement:  You know it!  They are moving more and more.  I can't distinguish between the two babes.  I've heard and read that twins can start to play games with one another in utero (i.e. one will tap twice and the other will respond.)  That would be amazing to feel/witness.
Food cravings:  BLT and chocolate (but not together)
Anything make you sick or queasy:  still the same ole, same ole...pork.
Mood:  Happy, happy and happy!
Looking forward to:  Seeing the nursery progress and more movement!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 20 #operationhornettes


How far along:  HALF WAY POINT!!!!!!!  20 WEEKS!!!  It feels so amazing!!!
Size of twinkies:  Bananas!  7" and about 1 pound each.
Total weight gain:  Won't know for another 2.5 weeks.
Maternity clothes:  Yup!  Trying to get creative and mix things up a little with the clothes I have.
Sleep:  Still getting up at least once to go to the bathroom but I am managing to fall back asleep within a half hour so some progress.
Gender:  Blue and blue!
Names:  Still deciding....
Best moment of the week:  Picking out and purchasing a bunch of things for the nursery...I need a nursery chronicles update...soon!
Miss anything:  Not really!
Movement:  Yup!  It never gets old and really is the most amazing feeling.  Every time I tell Jim they're kicking and he puts his hand on my belly, they stop.  I think Jim is getting a little jealous he can't feel them yet but I can:)  A girl has to have some perks for carrying the babes!
Food cravings:  I need something sweet after dinner now every night.  Basically anything chocolate satisfies that craving.
Anything make you sick or queasy:  pork....GROSS!
Mood:  Sooooo happy!  Love looking at my belly growing!
Looking forward to:  Getting some more progress done on the nursery!

Week 19 #operation hornettes

How far along:  19 weeks
Size of twinkies:  Mangos again! But grew a bit...6.5" long and about .75 pounds.
Total weight gain:  Not sure!  I won't know until I go back to the doctor in early November.
Maternity clothes:  Just got a few things from the H&M maternity line.  Super cute and affordable.
Sleep:  A little bit better but still waking up at least once a night to go the bathroom.
Gender:  TWO little dudes!!!!  Wooohooo!!!
Names:  Still deciding!  Trying to narrow down between four.
Best moment of the week:  Finding out the gender of the other Hornette!
Miss anything:  Uninterrupted sleep!  But overall really can't complain.
Movement:  Oh yes!!! 
Food cravings:  BLT's...oh yum!
Anything making you sick or queasy:  PORK!
Mood:  Sooooo happy!
Looking forward to:  Setting up the nursery!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 18 #operationhornettes

How far along:  18 weeks and 5 days in the picture above

Size of twinkies:  mangos.  6" long and .5 pounds

Total weight gain:  12 pounds so far!

Maternity clothes:  yup and loving them!

Sleep:  some nights are great where I only get up once to pee and fall right back asleep...other nights not so much!  

Gender:  one boy and ????

Names:  Jim won't allow me to share :(

Best moment of the week:  really startin to feel them kick and move around!

Miss anything:  not going to lie...sleeping through the night but a minor minor price to pay!

Movement:  yup!  Getting more frequent too!

Food cravings:  brownies and carbs!

Anything making you sick or queasy:  pork and sometimes chicken and beef.

Mood:  happy but I do cry at the drop of a hat if I see something sweet or sad on tv.  

Looking forward to:  finding out the other baby's gender!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 17 #operationhornettes

How far along: 17 weeks and 2 days!

Size of twinkies: Fruit of the week this week is turnips.  5.5" long and weighing 5 oz each.

Total weigh gain: I went to the doctor this past week unexpectedly (minor bleeding incident...everything looks great with the babies and me) so I got weighed.  I have gained an additional 4 pounds for a total of 11 pounds gained.  So I'm right on track so far.

Maternity clothes: Old Navy is killing it with their adorable maternity clothes.  That is definitely my go to store for maternity clothes.  I can get away with some regular tanks but other than that I am completely in maternity.

Sleep:  More nights than not now I am sleeping away, only to get up once to go to the bathroom.  I have such vivid and clear dreams.  I never knew this was a result of pregnancy!  The things you learn!

Gender:  Only one more week till we find out the gender of the other twinkie!!!  Will we share or won't we???

Names:  Not sharing quite yet!

Best moment this week:  I definitely have felt the babies move and hands down it is the most amazing feeling in the world.  It feels like tiny kicks.  I also got to hear the heartbeats again at the doctors.  One was 150 and the other 160.  Nice, strong heart beats.  My doctor said they are very active so it explains why I can feel them moving around.

Miss anything:  Nada.

Movement:  Heck yes and can't wait to start feeling it more and more!

Food cravings:  Water (so thirsty all.the.time), I am back on drinking coffee (finally!  I was wondering if I would ever get back the taste for it), and anything cheese related.

Anything making you sick or queasy:   P to the ork.  Ew!

Mood:  I love being pregnant.  There is absolutely no better feeling in the world. 

Looking forward to:  Not much got done on the nursery front this past week.  We really need to start getting moving on our room and the nursery.  We can't have the twinkies coming home to two depressing bedrooms now can we?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 16 #Operationhornettes

How far along: 16 weeks and 2 days

Size of twinkies: They're the size of avocados.  5" long and weighing 5 oz each.

Total weigh gain: Not to sure.  I will find out at my next appointment in two weeks.

Maternity clothes: Man, this weather is fickle isn't it?  Doesn't make for easy dressing when your wardrobe is limited.  But yes, I'm 100% in maternity clothes.  They are just so comfy.  And gotta love the Old Navy sales.  Just ordered some pieces to round out my wardrobe.

Sleep:  Some nights it's great and other nights more of the same...taking one-two hours to fall asleep.  But I'm still loving my snoogle.

Gender:  One twinkie is a boy and the other is a ????

Names:  Have a boy name and a girl name...Will we be scrambling to come up with another boy name or will we be able to use our chosen girl name??  Don't have to wait too much longer to find out!!

Best moment this week:  I think I might have felt the baby's move but it's hard to tell if it really was them moving and not gas!  hahaha

Miss anything:  Nada.

Movement:  I think I started to feel them move yesterday but Jim has me second guessing if it really them moving or not since I don't know exactly what it feel likes.  But I think my mother's intuition is telling me it was them moving.  So I'm going with that :)

Food cravings:  Orange juice, bagels and cream cheese, pizza and egg and cheese sandwiches.

Anything making you sick or queasy:   Still pork.

Mood:  So happy!!!  Sometimes, I still look at my belly and can't believe I'm actually pregnant.  I feel so blessed.

Looking forward to:  Moving and kicking from the twinkies and working on the nursery.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 15 #OperationHornettes

How far along: 15 weeks and 2 days

Size of twinkies: Oranges!  About 4-5" long.  They're growing like weeds!

Total weigh gain: Not sure how much I've gained since last week since we don't own a scale

Maternity clothes: Ahhhh vest weather seems to finally be here!  Mental note, add that to the to-do a maternity vest!  I have scored a good amount of maternity clothes from friends and my cousin so I'm very grateful for that.  Loving my maternity jeans and leggings.

Sleep:  Eh, not so great. I'll get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and it can take me an hour or two to fall back asleep.  Perhaps it's mother nauture's way of preparing me of what is to come?

Gender:  Blue = Boy and the other baby's gender will be found out in 3 weeks!

Names:  Only 3 more weeks till we find out if we have to come up with another boy name or if we can stick with the girl name we have chosen.

Best moment this week:  Nailing down the shower location, date and invitations.  We went glider shopping this weekend and found a few we like but haven't made any final decisions yet.    

Miss anything:  Not really.

Movement:  No :)  Come on guys start kicking!  I'm ready!

Food cravings:  Still have the usual suspects, cheese, anything salty, orange juice, lemonade, pizza, french fries, nachos.  I have added something healthy though...grapes!  Nope not a green thing in sight!  haha

Anything making you sick or queasy:  Pork.  Gag me.

Mood:  Elated!  I just love being pregnant.  Although those mood swings are setting in.  All I can say is God bless Jim....

Looking forward to:  Purchasing gliders!  And if the twinkies are reading, your Dad and I are ready to feel you kick and move!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nursery Chronicles: Cribs

We have chosen and ordered the cribs!  After going to pretty much every baby store there is to go to (which there isn't a whole heck of lot to go to) we finally found a crib we both love!

We chose the Fillmore crib from Pottery Barn Kids in washed gray.  I think the gray is gender neutral and a little unique. 
 They should be arriving any day now and I can't wait to see them both set up in the nursery! 

Now to decide what color to paint the walls and what bedding to get......decisions, decisions!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 14 #Operationbabyhornettes

How far along: 14 weeks and 3 days

Size of twinkies: Lemons!  About 3" long.

Total weigh gain: 7 pounds (in case you couldn't tell by the picture above!)

Maternity clothes: Why yes I am!  Although will this weather stop fluctuating so I don't have to keep wearing the same maternity dresses when it gets hot out?  I'm ready for my new fall wardrobe!

Sleep:  Getting better but still waking up at least one time per night.  Although I'm trying not to drink an hour before I go to bed but sometimes I can't help it because I just get so thirsty!

Gender:  One bouncing boy and the other baby we won't know until October 7th when the big 18 week ultrasound is scheduled.  Can.not.WAIT!

Names:  Will we need two boys names or one boy and one girl name???  We will know in four short weeks!

Best moment this week:  Going to my OB appointment this week and hearing the babies heart beats.  Such a tear jerker.  Gets me every time.  Both were strong...148 and 155.  I'm thinking the 155 could be a girl.  Just saying......Also, we ordered the cribs (a post will be coming shortly with what we ordered) and scouting possible baby shower locations.  

Miss anything:  Not gunna lie...I am missing soft cheeses. (see food cravings below)

Movement:  None yet.  My OB did I say I could start to feel them any day (or could be up to 20 weeks!)  I'm hoping it's more like today :)

Food cravings:  Well my mom came this past weekend and made her famous homemade mac and cheese so that was amazing!  But overall, the usual suspects, cheese, anything salty, orange juice, lemonade, pizza, french fries, nachos.  Nope not a green thing in sight!  haha

Anything making you sick or queasy:  P-O-R-K!  Ew.

Mood:  Happy and excited!

Looking forward to:  Seeing the cribs all set  up and the 18 week ultrasound!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! #Operationbabyhornettes

In case you hadn't heard Jim and my screams the moment we got the news, we're here to let the world know...we're EXPECTING!!!!  Two, that's right folks, TWO hornettes will be making their debut March 7, 2014 and we.cannot.WAIT!

What does that mean?  For one, the  blog will be the main source for all the updates regarding anything and everything #operationbabyhornettes.  That means weekly bump pictures, the nursery chronicles and any other projects we may have up our sleeves.  So let's get the party started! 

How far along:  13 weeks and 3 days
Size of twinkies: Conflicting.  One place says oranges the other says lemons
Total weigh gain: Not sure yet.  We don't own a scale, so I won't know until I go to my next OB appointment which is next Tuesday.  Can't wait!
Maternity clothes:  Oh heck yeah!  Although I can fit into non-maternity shirts and my workout stuff (for now at least!)
Sleep:  I fall asleep easily and LOVE my snoogle (in fact Sammy and Jim seem to have taken a liken to it as well) but I'll get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and can't back to sleep because my mind is racing with things that need to get done before the twinkies make their debut.
Gender:  One BOY!  And the other baby's gender is unknown until the 18 week ultrasound.  Should we start a pool to see who guesses the second baby's gender correctly?
Names:  Not sharing yet :)
Best moment this week:  Going crib shopping!  Still seems surreal we're actually getting to experience this at all, so getting to do all things baby and pregnancy related seems like such a blessing.  And come on, how cute is nursery shopping?!  Is there anything better??
Miss anything:  Nothing!  So content.
Movement:  None yet and can't wait for the day I get to feel the babies move.
Food cravings:  Oh gosh!  Anything salty basically...goldfish, cheese, macaroni and cheese, pizza, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich...basically nothing that is good for me ha!.  Although Jim does get up earlier in the mornings now to make me an egg and cheese sandwich.  Can we get a collective Awww!!!?
Anything making you sick or queasy:  umm that's a big YUCK on anything pork related!!!
Mood:  Soooo happy!  Although I do cry at the drop of a hat (I even cried during the latest Real Housewives of New Jersey episode.  I can't help it!)
Looking forward to:  This pregnancy and meeting the twinkies!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Outdoor furnishings #operationoutdoors

Good bye ghetto and unsafe patio furniture, HELLO glorious comfortable new outdoor table and chairs (oh and rug too!).

Many years ago Jim purchased a faux teak table and chairs for the roof deck in Southie.  The set wasn't wintered correctly and as a result it quickly deteriorated.  Shame on us!  We brought the set with us when we moved and by then the damage was done and it was too late to salvage the set.  The chairs were rotting (true story...I broke one of the chairs while sitting in it.  That's gotta make you feel good about yourself right??  hahaha) and the table gave you splinters.  I think it was safe to say that the table and chairs had passed its prime.

So this year Jim said let's get new patio furniture.  At first I was like no let's wait till we're ready to tackle a new patio/back yard but then I remembered the hazard the old set posed and I was researching like a mad women. 

Man, outdoor furniture is E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E  (enter a small depression).  I loved Pottery Barn's outdoor furniture but we would have to take a second mortgage out to afford those and we all know Jim's thoughts on anything Pottery Barn. 

So I searched places like Overstock, Walmart, Target, EBay, etc.  We knew we wanted a teak table with resin wicker chairs.  Well I found a chair I loved on EBay but it was still expensive.  I ended up finding the same exact chair that was on EBay for $100 cheaper PER chair on Amazon.  Pays to search around my friends.  And the table was also purchased on Amazon.  

I love the wood with the wicker.  Gives it another dimension and texture.  For added color and texture an 8x10 outdoor rug was layered under the table and chairs.

The outdoor rug is great.  It's soft underfoot and cozy.  Makes the patio feel like another room in the house.  When it gets dirty you just hose it off.

We were able to save thousands purchasing off Amazon.  Can't wait to make some outdoor pillows for the chairs and have a couple throws out there for those chilly nights eating al fresco.

Big plans for the back yard.  Can't wait to share them when we figure out what and when those will take place.  For now, I'm enjoying the new additions.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Kitchen Rugs

Just popping in quickly today with a post about the rugs we ordered for the kitchen.  I think rugs in kitchens help with two, they make things more cozy and two they can hide dirt (depending on the style you get).  I just love the Pottery Barn rugs we have in the living room, dining room and lady land.  They are really well made, plush and the prices aren't terrible.  We ended up purchasing the Malika Persian Style rug in a 3x5 and a 2.5x9 runner.  I have always loved this rug and it did not disappoint when I saw it in person for the first time.

We put the runner in front of the back door.

And the 3x5 in front of the sink.

I love the color and the warmness they bring to the kitchen.  It's nice standing while doing the dishes at the sink on such a comfy rug.  We got our rug pads from Ocean State Job Lot (cheapest place I've found for rug pads).  Did you rug pads help extend the life of your rug as well as help keep the rug from slipping and sliding?  And the best part??  I didn't even have to spend any money on either rug!  I got these as part of the rewards program with my credit card.  Love when things like that work out! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some sneak peeks...

Of some of the things we have been working on/will be working on in the upcoming days/weeks....

The Lady Land bookshelf got painted and styling to be done shortly.

And the kitchen closet got painted and for the shelves to be installed and the closet organized!

Stay tuned for these and more projects coming your way real soon!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Roman shade luvin'

I love me a good roman shade.  When designing the kitchen, one thing Jim and I knew we wanted to incorporate was a roman shade to block the sun.  I'm all about light and sun but when it involves wearing sunglasses in your kitchen just so you can carry on a conversation you know something must be done!  I contemplated for about oooh 2.2 seconds making this on my own but I wised up fast!  I went to my favorite source for all things handmade...Etsy!  I found a shop called href
="">Cindy Cravens.  I sent her my dimensions and had my fabric directly shipped to her and three weeks later I had the roman shade in hand.  It was love at first sight!

Here's a close up of the many colors to choose from!  Pinks, blues, greens, yellows!  Love working with fabric that gives me so many options.

Like these bar stools...the teal blue and pink were plucked straight from that fabric.  I think they go smashing together!

And how it looks with the open shelves. 

I just love it and find myself gazing at it numerous times a day.  We're getting there in terms of calling this kitchen complete (although I'm sure I'll constantly be tweaking and organizing this space!).  We got a lot done this weekend in terms on painting.  So stay tuned for most projects!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring is in the air #operationlandscaping

I always find it hard to balance working on the inside projects versus outside projects.  So much to do but yet so little time. 

Jim and I dabbled in gardening while in Southie...rooftop container gardens were our jam.  So once we bought a house we were psyched about having a yard and imagining all of the grandiose gardening that would occur.  But we weren't too sure what to do about the landscaping around the house.  That was somewhat foreign to us.  Thank God for the web, books and knowledge from Jim's mom somehow we have been able to muddle through.

We pretty much removed all the old existing landscaping since most of it was dead anyways and it was too formal for my taste.  Jim and I cut down all the old shrubs then we had a company come in and remove the stumps.  Then we hit up all the end of season sales at a couple of local nurseries.  We saved a ton of money waiting till the fall to buy shrubs and plants since most places mark things down 30-50% off.  We planted all of them the day after the Halloween snow storm (thank God for the help of Jim's mom and Bob planting all those shrubs (about 30 total)...Jim was on crutches so he couldn't convenient right???  Just kidding Jim!).  I still get twinges of soreness whenever I think back to that.

Anyhoo, it's been fun to see how things have taken off each year.  And each year we learn a little more.  And of course I'm always daydreaming of where I can create new gardens.

So here are some pictures of our landscaping in early April.  We've been working on a few things that I'll share in the near future.

This is an area right near our back door.  It our herb and boxwood garden.  We would eventually like to elevate this area and remove some of the boxwood's to another area of the yard and maybe add more herbs.  The goal with this garden is to hide the ugly bulkhead.  All of the herbs (with the exception of basil) survived the winter and are going strong.  We have thyme, lavender, mint, and oregano planted here.

This little perennial garden is on the side of our garage.  This area was just all grass that Jim and I dug up, laid a flagstone patio and re stained a bistro set that used to be my kitchen table when I lived by myself.  We would like too add more perennials in the future, add some twinkle lights and remove the swill pit. In this area we have climbing roses (those are what are climbing up the gray trellises), bleeding hearts, day lillies, foxglove, allium, irises, rosemary and some perennial I'm not sure the name of (oops!) 

The left hand side of the perennial garden.

This is the side of lady land that I have dubbed hydrangea row.  We have a blue hydrangea and the other two are peegee's.  I just love hydrangea's.

Still along Lady Land.  You can see the lone iris that was blooming.

Our new fence.  We have plans to add landscaping along the side of the fence.

This is behind the library.  We have a few rose bushes planted here along with some day lillies, and tick seed.

And our big, old, beautiful hydrangea tree. My favorite.

Along the side of the library.  Here we have a few rose bushes, a hydrangea bush and some wine and rose bushes planted.

The front right of the house.  We have a rhododendron, two azalea's and some boxwoods.  I would love to add a flowering tree in the corner to add some height to that area.  We also want to add more flowering shrubs at some point to give more color.

Looking at the front of the house.  More boxwood's and some tulips.  We were hoping for early bloom tulips to bring some much needed color but these tulips are late spring blooming.  We have to work on planting some early blooming buds in the fall.

To the left of the house....more boxwood's.  Don't mind the weeds.  They'll be gone when we mulch next weekend.

Our azalea is blooming already!

More boxwood and a rose of sharon.

And those things on the end that look like weeds are actually peonies!  Another one of my favorite flowers!  Can't wait till they bloom in a few short weeks!

And the front of the new fence.  We moved the urns that were on the front steps to here.  We have plans to dig up and create new landscaping all along the front of the gate so those urns will make sense in a few weeks.

And just some shots of some flowers that are blooming.  Below is of a tulip which is now bright pink and full.

And a Hyacinth and one lonely Pansie that seeded itself from last spring.  We didn't have much luck with the Hyacinth this year but I'll try again next year.

 And a blurry picture (I literally took about 50 pictures and they all look like this.  Amateur photographer right here!) of an iris.  Irises are just so stately. 

Right now we're battling dandelions.  I'll be back with how we are trying to overcome them.  Sadly, they are still winning.