Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 14 #Operationbabyhornettes

How far along: 14 weeks and 3 days

Size of twinkies: Lemons!  About 3" long.

Total weigh gain: 7 pounds (in case you couldn't tell by the picture above!)

Maternity clothes: Why yes I am!  Although will this weather stop fluctuating so I don't have to keep wearing the same maternity dresses when it gets hot out?  I'm ready for my new fall wardrobe!

Sleep:  Getting better but still waking up at least one time per night.  Although I'm trying not to drink an hour before I go to bed but sometimes I can't help it because I just get so thirsty!

Gender:  One bouncing boy and the other baby we won't know until October 7th when the big 18 week ultrasound is scheduled.  Can.not.WAIT!

Names:  Will we need two boys names or one boy and one girl name???  We will know in four short weeks!

Best moment this week:  Going to my OB appointment this week and hearing the babies heart beats.  Such a tear jerker.  Gets me every time.  Both were strong...148 and 155.  I'm thinking the 155 could be a girl.  Just saying......Also, we ordered the cribs (a post will be coming shortly with what we ordered) and scouting possible baby shower locations.  

Miss anything:  Not gunna lie...I am missing soft cheeses. (see food cravings below)

Movement:  None yet.  My OB did I say I could start to feel them any day (or could be up to 20 weeks!)  I'm hoping it's more like today :)

Food cravings:  Well my mom came this past weekend and made her famous homemade mac and cheese so that was amazing!  But overall, the usual suspects, cheese, anything salty, orange juice, lemonade, pizza, french fries, nachos.  Nope not a green thing in sight!  haha

Anything making you sick or queasy:  P-O-R-K!  Ew.

Mood:  Happy and excited!

Looking forward to:  Seeing the cribs all set  up and the 18 week ultrasound!!!


  1. cute cute! excited to see the cribs!

  2. You look so good! Love the cribs - the grey is a great choice and definitely gender neutral. I love that you call them the twinkies too!