Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 20 #operationhornettes


How far along:  HALF WAY POINT!!!!!!!  20 WEEKS!!!  It feels so amazing!!!
Size of twinkies:  Bananas!  7" and about 1 pound each.
Total weight gain:  Won't know for another 2.5 weeks.
Maternity clothes:  Yup!  Trying to get creative and mix things up a little with the clothes I have.
Sleep:  Still getting up at least once to go to the bathroom but I am managing to fall back asleep within a half hour so some progress.
Gender:  Blue and blue!
Names:  Still deciding....
Best moment of the week:  Picking out and purchasing a bunch of things for the nursery...I need a nursery chronicles update...soon!
Miss anything:  Not really!
Movement:  Yup!  It never gets old and really is the most amazing feeling.  Every time I tell Jim they're kicking and he puts his hand on my belly, they stop.  I think Jim is getting a little jealous he can't feel them yet but I can:)  A girl has to have some perks for carrying the babes!
Food cravings:  I need something sweet after dinner now every night.  Basically anything chocolate satisfies that craving.
Anything make you sick or queasy:  pork....GROSS!
Mood:  Sooooo happy!  Love looking at my belly growing!
Looking forward to:  Getting some more progress done on the nursery!

Week 19 #operation hornettes

How far along:  19 weeks
Size of twinkies:  Mangos again! But grew a bit...6.5" long and about .75 pounds.
Total weight gain:  Not sure!  I won't know until I go back to the doctor in early November.
Maternity clothes:  Just got a few things from the H&M maternity line.  Super cute and affordable.
Sleep:  A little bit better but still waking up at least once a night to go the bathroom.
Gender:  TWO little dudes!!!!  Wooohooo!!!
Names:  Still deciding!  Trying to narrow down between four.
Best moment of the week:  Finding out the gender of the other Hornette!
Miss anything:  Uninterrupted sleep!  But overall really can't complain.
Movement:  Oh yes!!! 
Food cravings:  BLT's...oh yum!
Anything making you sick or queasy:  PORK!
Mood:  Sooooo happy!
Looking forward to:  Setting up the nursery!