Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's talk....sinks.

I'm away on business through Thursday (pending the storm...doesn't mother nature know the groundhog saw its shadow a month plus ago???  Hello?!) so there won't be any updated pictures till Friday.  Jim is in charge of taking pictures....GULP!  Let's just say he didn't leave me with much confidence that he knows how to operate our camera.  He claims he doesn't really know how to use a camera since he never had one.  Who knows!

Farmhouse sinks!  I love 'em!  Nothing more to say!  Well there is because otherwise that would be a boring post.  I love how big they are and the white fire clay material.  The original farmhouse sink is made by Rohl but those were a tad more expensive than my wallet was willing to pay.  I was able to find one on EBay that was more than half off a Rohl and with free shipping.  We got a 30" wide single basin sink with an off-center drain.

It will lie under the granite so that means the sink has to be installed before the granite company comes to template.  Good thing I bought it a few months ago!

The next sink we had to purchase was for the laundry room.  I had seen a sink at Ikea that would be perfect so of course that meant a trip to Ikea.  Jim HATES Ikea so you can imagine how hard it was for me to convince him to take a trip there to check it out.  Good thing the Swedes invented the swedish fish...those usually makes him semi-happy.  The sink was perfect for so many reasons.  It was super deep (26"), I loved the stainless steel AND I could get my wall mounted faucet since the sink didn't have a faucet hole in it.  Another reason I loved it was that we didn't have to get a counter since the sink just sits on top of a 24" sink base cabinet....sooooo, savings! 

With the sink you do have  to buy a strainer since it doesn't come with one.  #stupidhiddencosts

See ya back here tomorrow...same time, same place, mmmkay?