Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 14 #kitchenrenovation

Well it's really day 15 of the kitchen renovation but no work was done on Tuesday.  But for the blog's sake I'm sticking to numerical order of the posts.

So today was a BIG day! Our cabinets were delivered and installation began. To say I was nervous to go home and check out the cabinets was an understatement! After all these months of planning and envisioning the space in my head and what if I hated it??? The color of the cabinets and how they look in the show room may not look the same once they're actually in your house. But thankfully it's safe to say I LOOOOVE everything about the cabinets! I love the color, the style, the lay out, basically everything!!! Sweet success!
The cabinets we bought were made by Shrock.  The kitchen cabinet color is Dover White (but reads more of a light gray) and the pantry cabinet color is Juniper Berry.  Both have the shaker profile.  Ok ok, you're like enough jabbering Erin, let's see some pictures!!!!!

Looking towards the dining room.  This is where the range will go.  Under the two shorter upper cabinets is where our range hood will go.  That whole wall between the lower and upper cabinets will be tiled.  I just love how the cabinets look with the chimney next to it.

Here you can really see how the cabinets look next to the chimney.  There will be a lower cabinet on the right hand side.  And along the top of all the upper cabinets there will be crown moulding so there will zero room between the tops of the cabinets and the ceiling.  Jim was kinda bummed about this since he was dreaming of putting lots of knick knacks on the top of the cabinets.  #truestory

Looking towards Lady Land.  That big, tall box is where the refrigerator will go and to the right of the big, tall box is where the convection oven will live.  (and please ignore the ghetto way the lady land curtains are say our whole house looks like a bomb went off is the understatement of the century!)

Next to the convection oven is a small cabinet with a drawer.  This will likely hold cookie sheets and baking related items.  In the corner is a 45 degree corner cabinet that has a lazy susan inside

Looking towards the back yard. Where the shop vac currently sits is where the farmhouse sink(!!) will be.   On either side of the window, we are going to have three rows of open shelves.  I'm in the process of painting the corbels and the wood then Jim is going to put them together.  The price of buying the corbels directly from the cabinet manufacturer was INSANE (like $500 PER CORBEL vs. $2.50 per corbel we spent at the Mill that's some savings my friends)!  

Shot of the pantry.  Not much work has been done in here but this is more of a shot to show you the color of the cabinets.  We had a mix up with the cabinet doors in here.  At the bottom left hand corner you can see the back of the 90 degree cabinet door.  We want to put chicken wire in the middle of the cabinet doors.  So basically the doors we got should not have that inner panel and they do so they're getting sent back.  So the pantry will not be complete at the same time the kitchen is.   Jim is also building open shelves in here too but with more of a built in hutch look.  Isn't my hubby so handy??  #imaluckygal

Today Mike is installing the rest of the cabinets!  And FINALLY our washer/dryer is being installed today.  Let's just say my supply of unmentionables were quickly dwindling!  Another big day!  Tomorrow our handles and knobs will be installed and Monday the electrician is coming back to install all the lights.  Exciting days ahead!