Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 17 #kitchenrenovation

Whelp, the kitchen renovation is nearing the end.  #liltear.  Kinda crazy to think it's almost done after the months and months and months of talking and planning and doing.  Not gunna lie....I'm going to miss it.  It was fun and kept us busy and off the streets during a time that I needed to have my mind busy. 

Today was mainly trim work day.  Mike only needs one more day to finish up what he needs to do, then Wednesday, the electrician is coming to hang the lights (!!!!!!!!), Friday the granite gets installed, Monday the plumber is coming back to hook up the appliances and the following Monday the flooring will get stained.  Hopefully we'll get the tile guy in there at some point too to put up the back splash.  Mike will have to come back to do a few finishing things but nothing major.  And then Jim and I will be painting our lil hearts out.

Below is the new pantry door.  We were able to reuse the existing pocket door track and hardware so that was great.  Toying with the idea of painting it yellow.  We'll see.

The baseboards and trim got installed too.  Love all the finish work!  Mike did a great job matching the existing trim work.

The back of the peninsula is finished!!!!  Can you tell we love bead board since we have it everywhere in the house??!

The crown moulding right up against the chimney.  No clue what that black spot is but it's not there in real life.  PHEW!  I loved the old crown that was in the original kitchen...chunky but simple.  Mike bought the crown moulding for us and installed it.  Again, having Mike purchase the crown vs. buying it from Schrock saved us a boat load of money.

We had crown moulding installed all around the kitchen.  We'll have to do the hallway ourselves but Jim's getting to be a pro at installing crown moulding.  Just call him Mr. Boombastic Crown Moulder.  What is up with that black dot??? Clearly I didn't notice it was there till I uploaded the pictures.

 This is looking from inside the pantry. The door trim was only put on two sides since it abuts the wall.

Base board moulding installed in the pantry.

And base boards installed in the closet.  I was nervous Mike would forget to install in the closet but he didn't!   Phew!

That's about it for today.  Catch up with y'all tomorrow!