Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's talk...ranges

So you know we already have the convection oven, aka "baking central", now what about the big guns?  The work horse of the kitchen?  The appliance that Jim will be making most of our meals with?  After much research done by none other than research extraordinaire Jim, we settled on the Capital.  It's a company that was started by a guy who originally started Viking (one of the first companies to make commercial grade ranges but has since gone down in ratings in terms of reliability) but left Viking to start DCS then from there went to start Capital.  The Capital gets high reviews and marks from top chefs and consumers alike so it was a natural choice for us.  The price also didn't hurt either...for a commercial grade six burner range it was on the lower end of the price scale.

We really lucked out and got this sucker on a floor model sale.  It's a six burner gas range.  All burners are 23,000 BTU's...that's a whole lotta gas going on (and not THAT kind of gas!)  and the oven has 30,000 BTUs too.  We're talking steak house quality steaks....ahhhh can't wait for Jim to make me some filet mignons in the new range.  Jim originally wanted a the 36" range but with the grill feature.  We ended up axing that idea as through research we learned it's not actually gas that is used to fire up the grill but rather infrared electric burner that is used to cook food.  So you wouldn't necessarily get that charred taste that you would from a grill.  Another reason against the grill was it creates a lot of grease and mess and we didn't love that part of it.  So we went with the standard 6 burner gas range.

Only negative that I can see is it is not self clean.  Which honestly I'm fine with because in all the years we've had self cleaning ovens I've never used that feature and just cleaned it myself. 

Cabinets were delivered today and hopefully the installation started. Hopefully I'll have pictures to share tomorrow.