Monday, June 3, 2013

Kitchen Rugs

Just popping in quickly today with a post about the rugs we ordered for the kitchen.  I think rugs in kitchens help with two, they make things more cozy and two they can hide dirt (depending on the style you get).  I just love the Pottery Barn rugs we have in the living room, dining room and lady land.  They are really well made, plush and the prices aren't terrible.  We ended up purchasing the Malika Persian Style rug in a 3x5 and a 2.5x9 runner.  I have always loved this rug and it did not disappoint when I saw it in person for the first time.

We put the runner in front of the back door.

And the 3x5 in front of the sink.

I love the color and the warmness they bring to the kitchen.  It's nice standing while doing the dishes at the sink on such a comfy rug.  We got our rug pads from Ocean State Job Lot (cheapest place I've found for rug pads).  Did you rug pads help extend the life of your rug as well as help keep the rug from slipping and sliding?  And the best part??  I didn't even have to spend any money on either rug!  I got these as part of the rewards program with my credit card.  Love when things like that work out!