Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 16 #kitchenrenovation

No posts this past weekend...all work and no time to sit and chat with you guys :(  But it was a productive weekend filled with things that we needed to get done before other things get installed/occurred. It kinda felt like we were on an episode of Kitchen Crashers with Mike leaving us a list of things that needed to get accomplished before he came back on Monday morning.  Two thumbs for us because we did indeed get everything accomplished with the help of some amazing friends.

Now onto the good stuff.

Below is the peninsula.  The last cabinet on the end was installed.  The peninsula is about a seven foot run...just enough to fit three bar stools, with an extra on the end when needed. 

The knobs for the tappen yaki grill, which be on the peninsula.  That can't get fully installed until the granite goes in as it sits on top of the granite.

The back of the peninsula.  It will be clad with bead board.  We saved about $700 by having Mike purchase the bead board vs. buying it from the cabinet maker.  It seriously is insane how much cabinet makers charge for pieces that you can buy yourself for SOOOO much cheaper (like corbels, bead board and moulding).  But you're probably thinking OK Erin yes it is cheaper but that bead board is white and sooo does not match the color of your cabinets....peeps, we've got it covered.  It's this little thing called color matching.  GENIUS I tell you.  Jim had read where Schrock uses Sherwin Williams paints on their cabinets so natch that was the first place we went with pieces of the cabinet in hand.  Sherwin Williams did a great job matching the kitchen cabinets right on but got a big fat fail on matching the pantry color.  Slightly discouraged, we went to Ace Hardware where we always go to buy all our paint because they sell Benjamin Moore and they are so helpful there.  And they give out free popcorn on Saturdays which Sammy loves (but he calls it PUPcorn...get it???)  The paint coordinator there was slightly cocky about being able to match the color exactly but I have to say he NAILED on. HIGHLY recommend going to Curry Ace for any painting needs.

Ok that was off on a tangent...reel it back in Erin.   Close up shot of the bead board on top of a furniture base moulding.  So crisp and clean!

Knobs were installed on Friday. I love how the ORB pops against the light gray cabinets.


The hutch in progress.  The two stacks of apothecary drawers (only one row pictured) can't be installed until the granite is installed. 

In the pantry, Mike put the cabinet doors up.  These won't be staying but I just love the color.

And we're reusing the old radiator cover that was in the pantry.  We'll just paint the white frame with the cabinet color so it will blend in and look like it came from the cabinet maker.

And here's Ellie testing out the new range (don't worry it wasn't hooked up so no children were hurt in the posing of this picture).  Isn't she just too cute for words???   

And a shot of the "boyz".  Thanks to JJ and Geoff we were able to get the appliances moved from the garage to the kitchen.  I didn't even ask them to pose like this.  This was all them. 

Another thing on our homework list was painting the ceiling.  Not a fun job but in the end I love how it came out.  So crisp and clean!  And yes we just went with boring white.

We also painted the chimney.  Man that thing sucks up paint like there's no tomorrow. I have to go some more after work to finish it up hopefully tonight.  We went with Benjamin Moore's Simply White in a semi gloss.  It's already looking better with a coat of paint.

And the new refrigerator.  Another minor crisis was discovered during the move of the appliances.  We ordered a top grill for the refrigerator.  Basically it is a 3" grill for the fridge to make it look like a more expensive built in.  Basically the look for less.  But sadly the wrong thing was ordered.  Hopefully we get it this week.  I will post an updated picture when it's installed.  And yes those are our NARROWED down paint colors to the right of the fridge.  Too many choices not enough time to decide!

Granite is getting templated today and installed Friday.  It's getting there!