Sunday, March 3, 2013

Let's talk....faucets!

Faucets, Faucets, FAUUUUCETS!  Who loves faucets??? Anyone?  Anyone?  I do! I do! does!  Sammy does!

I've been drawn to the industrial/farmhouse look like a lot and I was hoping to incorporate the industrial side via the faucet.  When I first saw the industrial faucet at Ikea (which apparently they don't make anymore) I knew that I would love to use that faucet in the house one day.  So when it came time to start researching faucets, I realized how expensive it was (I know shocking coming from Ikea right??).  Thanks to researcher Jim, he found a nicer, bigger and better faucet online.  It wasn't that much cheaper but it was better constructed (made of solid brass, which is the material you should look for in a quality, long lasting faucet, as it won't corrode.) 

Ok ok...enough she is (yes it's a she...with those long slender and sleek lines how could it not be a she?)

I LOVE this faucet!  It's heavy, it's all shiny, chrome-y, I could go on and on but I'll spare you all with my mushiness.  It's pretty tall (29") and has a separate pot filler which is a great feature.  Doesn't it remind you of restaurant dishwasher faucet?  At first Jim was opposed to this faucets for numerous reasons (his first words when I showed him the faucet was "That's DIFFERENT....".  Which is code for he hates it and thinks I'm cray cray....but he usually comes around in the end.) but the main reason being was he was getting flashbacks of sinks full of dirty dishes from his dish washing days at The Marketplace. 

So to bring it back to the look I was going for, I think faucet brings the industrial side while the apron sink will bring the farmhouse side, which ties up my industrial farmhouse chic vision nicely.

Moving on to the laundry nook faucet.  I wanted to push the boundaries here and go with something unique.  I have always wanted a wall mounted faucet so I thought why not try it here?  I was perusing blog land one day and I saw someone use a wall mounted claw foot tub faucet as a laundry sink faucet and there was no turning back.  I'm sure you can guess what Jim's response was when I showed him this one...."That's DIFFERENT" and some other things that I probably shouldn't repeat here on the blog.

I was able to find just what I was looking for and within my price range off of EBay (We have a gotten a good amount of deals for this renovation and other house projects off of EBay...a great source for deals).  I love that it has a hand held faucet that I can use for cleaning paint brushes or giving some plants a bath.  Heck I could even give Sammy a bath in the sink and that hand held faucet would come in handy.  There were some minor (squeak!) crisis over this faucet the night before the plumber was coming to install it.  The spout reach was too short but I swear I measured (twice even!) before I bought it but as many times as I measured the sink and the faucet it was still too short.  Thank God, Mike said there were extenders the plumber could install that would make this faucet work.  So there was an additional cost by having to use those but man it was sooo worth it.  I just love it.

Check back tomorrow for the next installment of Let's Talk....