Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 9 #ktichenrenovation

Ahhh!!!!!!  It's beginning to look like a REAL LIVE room!  The drywall is UPPPPP!!!!  U.P. uppp!!!  Well, I guess I should be technical and correct myself when I say drywall because it's actually blue board but details, schmetails.  So if you're wondering why the walls are a dark gray instead of a nice crisp white, it's due to the blue board.  Apparently, blue board is stronger but more expensive than dry wall.  It's supposed to last longer than dry wall which is a good thing...who wants their walls to be weak???  Not me.
Below you is the wall to Lady Land.  The left hand window is would never be able to tell it was once there.  The right hand is the pass through but it will be shorter!  I swear!  Because I'm sure you're all thinking what have they done?!!?  Have the Hasty Horne's struck again!??  Fear not my friends I promise it gets better....stay tuned in the next few days for updates.

Looking towards the back yard.  I guess Mike said we have an abnormally high number of electrical outlets and cut outs.  Ooops!  We needed those extras for our TV and coffee pot...girl needs her Extra on while eating dinner.


 Here's a shot of the ceiling...isn't she purrty??
Looking towards the dining room.


 The old hallway  the new addition to the kitchen!!!  Doesn't it look so much bigger and better??!?  I can't get over how much bigger the space is just by knocking down that wall.

The closet is now blue boarded in.  Not a huge closet but it's going to function so much better than the old closet ever did.  And that door will be gone.  We just put it back up during the construction to keep the dust out of the rest the house (well, at least SOME of the dust).
The yellow wire sticking out is for the vent hood and the silver pipe poking out from the ceiling is also for the vent hood.  The chimney just pops so so happy with our decision to expose it.

This is in the pantry looking towards the kitchen.

And looking towards the pantry.

More updates to come tomorrow...