Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 25 #Operationhornettes

How far along:  25 weeks!!!  3 more weeks till the third trimester!

Size of the twinkies:  Eggplant again.  Not sure who determines this but could we get a little more creative this week than eggplant again??  They are measuring 9.2" and weigh in at a whooping 2 pounds!  Although we should get a tad more accurate weigh in and measurement when we go for our next ultrasound on December 2nd.

Total weight gain:  24 pounds based on my last appointment.

Maternity clothes:  You know it!

Sleep:  Only been getting up about 1-2 times/night so not terrible but back to staying up for an hour or so when I get up.  Honestly can't complain though because I'm still comfortable sleeping.  I owe it all to the snoogle.

Gender:  Two boys all the way!

Names:  They WILL be announced at Thanksgiving dinner this year...can you stand the suspense???

Best moment of the week:  Far and away our baby shower for the twinks.  We have never felt more spoiled or loved.  It was an amazing feeling yesterday.

Movement:  Yup!  They are a movin' and a shakin'.

Food cravings:  Fish has been my protein of choice lately.

Anything make you sick or queasy:  Pork (except for bacon of course!!)

Mood:  So loved and excitement!

Looking forward to:  Thanksgiving dnner!!  And family time!