Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 27 #Operationhornettes

How far along:  27 weeks.  One week to go till the third trimester and we're in the double digits now in the count down till we meet the little guys!

Size of the twinkies:  Fruit of the week is a head of a cauliflower (seems like the fruit is getting smaller each week, no?).  At the ultrasound this week, the ultrasound tech was able to measure their weight.  Twinkie A weighs 2 pounds 10 oz and twinkie B weighs 2 pounds 6 oz.  They are growing so quickly!  Makes mama happy!

Total weight gain:  26 pounds so far.  Right on track.

Sleep:  Well it's going downhill.  I now get up at least 4 times per night and sometimes it takes me a while to get back to sleep.  Thank goodness for instragram and facebook to fill those sleepless nights.

Gender:  Blue and blue!

Names:  RJ and Johnny.

Best moment of the week: Any time I get to see them moving and squirming around on an ultrasound is a great week.  If they are anything like they are in the womb than Jim and I are going to be chasing those boys around 24/7!  We also took our birthing class and it was soooo worth it.  We both learned a lot and I think it prepared us for childbirth (well as much as anything can prepare first time parents for childbirth).  It was also nice to connect with other twin parents.

Movement:  Kicks are getting stronger and stronger and I'm starting to feel the presenting more and more...too bad I can't actually see the presenting move due to my big belly.

Anything make you sick or queasy:  U got it...pork.

Mood:  Can't believe we're in the double digits for a count down.  So crazy excited to meet our little men.

Looking forward to:  A lot of the nursery furniture is going to be delivered this week!  I can't WAIT to see it all come together.