Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 13 #kitchenrenovation

FLOORS! The floors were installed over a two day process....Saturday and Monday. And boy do we lurve them!!! I keep wanting to pet them and tell them I love them but I think Sammy and Jim would think I've lost it (but they might already think that....) and I may get a splinter since they haven't been sanded, stained and polyed yet.

Below is a close up of the wood floors.  We are using reclaimed wood heart pine that comes from old mills down south.  You know I love me some old things and these definitely fit that bill.  We used variations of 8" and 4.5" wide planks.  I LOVE the wide planked wood floors.  All those knots and imperfections...just love it.  I know it's not a look that everyone loves but we sure do.

The view looking towards lady land.

 The flooring guys did a great job installing right up to the base of the chimney.  I was slightly worried about this as we weren't putting a base moulding around the chimney.  But no gaps at all.  Phew!

They carried the flooring into the closet.  It is going in the opposite direction. 

In the pantry.  We're not sure why they didn't lay floor down in the corner where the yellow broom is.  We think it may be for the dryer vent but not entirely sure.

View going into the pantry.  It flows nicely with the kitchen flooring so it looks like one continuous space.

Looking towards the basement. 

And the threshold to the basement stairs.  All the thresholds were made from the floor boards, just rounded slightly on the edge.  I love that little detail. 

Moving on to the book shelf in Lady Land.  The trim is now on and it looks like it's been there forever.  Can't wait to paint it and start finding knick knacks to put on it.  Maybe some books too will make an appearance.

View with the pass through.  The bead board used on both I think ties them together nicely.

A side view for good measure.  A decent depth to the book shelf.

Cabinets are set to be delivered tomorrow...big day ahead of us!  Can't wait!