Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 15 #kitchenrenovation

Back with another cabinet update...big changes are taking place in this neck of the woods and we couldn't be more thrilled with the progress. 

Below is the I mentioned in the previous post the pantry cabinets are going to be slightly delayed due incorrect cabinet doors delivered...Doesn't that salmon color on the walls just really work well with the cabinet color?  (insert sarcastic tone here).  It's amazing how much bigger the pantry looks since we moved the washer/dryer down to the basement.  AND we can actually fit a cereal box in the cabinets...who knew such cabinets existed?? 

Still waiting to find just the right beverage center.  What we are going to put in the pantry is still up in the air but we are tossing ideas around.  We'll be sure to keep you updated on what our final plan is for this space and what will live in this area.

Onto the kitchen.  Doors and drawers were put on and our built in "hutch" is in the works (to the left of the refrigerator box).   

Better shot of the hutch.  This will house the TV and cable box (which is what those two plugs are for). Below the open cabinet will be three pot drawers with two stacks of apothecary drawers on top.  This will be our coffee station where we'll have our coffee pot, coffee grinder and other coffee paraphernalia. 

Our farmhouse sink is in!!!  Woo to the hoo! Mike had to tweak the sink base cabinet as Schrock doesn't make a cabinet to specifically fit a farmhouse sink.  On the toe kick of the cabinet is our toe kick radiator.  Since we removed the mammoth radiator that was on the Lady Land wall and replaced it with a row of cabinets instead, we had to have a heat source some where in the kitchen.  Our house is slowly inching towards the 21st century with the addition of a toe kick radiator.  So much more compact and HIDDEN!  Love this feature.  Mike thinks it will be enough to heat the space and only time will tell if this proves true.  But with the addition of insulation on the outer wall, I'm hoping that's all we need.  The bottom of the cabinet has a hole in it due to needing access to the radiator.  Darn building codes!  Don't they know they're messing with the prettiness of the cabinets??

The start of the peninsula.  One more cabinet will be added basically where the headless Jim (creepy!) is standing.  The cabinet with the door will be the future home of the tappen yaki grill where Chef Jim will be flipping shrimp into the mouths of visitors from the hours of reservations are needed.

Moving on down to the laundry nook.  People we have a washer/dryer....THANK THE LORD!  A girl can only live without a washer/dryer for so long.  It may take some time to make this nook look good but it will get there....some day.

 A beauty shot of the washer/dryer....hello front loaders...where ya been all my life?

Check back tomorrow for the hopeful conclusion of the cabinet installation.