Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 18 #kitchenrenovation

Back again to report on more trim working and finishing touches.  The end is in sight and each day the kitchen gets a lil closer to being functional.   

Below is a close up beauty shot of the kitchen cabinet drawer pulls.  I think they tie in well with the knobs and the apothecary pulls.  These look like they should have a label on them but sadly they don't.  Although I suppose I could craft something up. likey this idea.  #labelobsessed

The hood is installed!  Kinda makes the range look more legit with the big hood on top of it. 

And finally the crown moulding on top of the cabinets got installed!  Ahhhh the upper cabinets now look complete.  LOVE how there's zero space up on top of the cabinets and the moulding gives the appearance of the cabinets being built in.  Just that lil finishing touch that makes a huge impact.  We have to paint the moulding the color of the cabinets so it will make much more sense and look a thousand times better once that's done.  I promise!

More shots of the crown moulding.  Heartsies!

Below are the apothecary drawers.  Aren't they just so cute????  These suckers can indeed have labels put on them and I can't wait to get started on labeling them.  How cute are they going to be?!  Like a library card catalog but kitchen edition.  They will sit on the granite counter top and then a piece of granite will go on top of the drawers.

Shot with the drawers below.  Love this little nook.  I'm all about creating stations and nooks in this kitchen.  Hoping by creating these we'll be more organized.  I'll keep you updated on how that works out.  Last night Jim and I started talking about where things will go.  We want to really think it through and get it right the first time.  I'm sure we'll be tweaking things as we go to better suit our needs.  But we want to be more deliberate where things will go as opposed to just throwing things in a cabinet just to get it done and unpacked like we did when we first moved.  Having the new kitchen is a great chance to start new again.

Drawers with their fancy new pulls.

Mike had to cut the front of the cabinet bigger to make room for the convection oven. 

Updated shot of the peninsula.

Better shot of the range area with its fancy new hood.  That range better not get a 'tude now that it's all fancy.

And the pantry with it's new pulls!

Close up.  All antiquey brass....Love the look of the brass against the dark gray of the cabinets.

And our "narrowed" down colors for the kitchen.  Houston I think we may have a problem.  What's your favorite color?  Weigh in with your vote!  Maybe yours will be the lucky one selected!

Lights are being installed today!  Dah!!!  Can't wait to get home to see how they look.