Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let's talk....ovens.

Baking central

I've always loved houses with double wall ovens.  Originally we were thinking that was what we wanted in the oooooh three + years we've been talkin' and dreamin' about a new kitchen.  Perhaps we're losing our self proclaimed moniker of "Hasty Hornes" since it's taken us that long to get going on updating the kitchen?  No?  Not yet?  OK.

During our months and months of appliance research (going to multiple appliance stores and Jim researching on the world wide web and buying a years subscription to Consumer Reports) we decided that the direction we wanted to go with was to get one gas oven and one electric convection oven. Another reason we decided to go with the single vs. double ovens is we didn't want to lose the counter space since we don't have a lot to begin with.  Save the counter tops!!

Confession time, I heart Sarah Richardson BIG time.  On the season where she renovated a farm house she went to Sears and bought the Kenmore Pro line.  So we decided to check out Sears and that's where we were saw the Kenmore Pro single wall oven.  It had to have the professional handle that I had became obsessed with.

Did you know Sears has an online outlet where you can purchase floor models or scratch and dents?  No?  Well neither did I till Jim found it.  Low and behold they had the single Kenmore Pro wall oven for over half off the store price!  I quickly bought it and two weeks later our oven was delivered.  I love the dial temperature, the professional handle, the fact that it's a convection oven...basically I love everything about it.

Now that we have a convection oven (a baker's dream oven since you can have a cookie sheet on every rack and each sheet will cook the cookies perfectly since the heat is constantly being circulated through out the oven) I want to create a baking center where all cookie sheets and cake pans and sugar and flour...basically anything and everything baking, will be housed.  I'm thinking in the corner right next to the oven.  Organization is the name of the game come  time to set things up in the kitchen...let's see if it actually happens!