Monday, April 8, 2013

Counter tops and Shelving #pantryrenovation

Well while I was out flitting around shopping with my mom, sister and niece and nephews this past weekend, my man was hard at work.  He got the counter tops installed and put up the shelves and trim to create the built in hutch look I was yearning for in there.  It looks awesome!  He did such a good job considering he's never installed counter tops before!  Way to go Jim!

It was VERY hard getting good pictures in here with my little point and shot.  I wouldn't mind a nice new fancy camera with a wide angle lens if I'm going to be a legitimate blogger....some my dreams....just putting it out there.....Anyhoo, below is a terrible picture of the amazeballs shelving Jim installed.  You may remember we had open shelves in this same exact spot but these are deeper, trim added to make it look like a built in hutch and all around better.

Looking head on at the shelves.  I really tried to get a good shot with the cabinets and counter tops all in one shot #fail.  The shelves and trim will be painted the same color as the cabinets below and what is salmon colored walls will soon be a nice tan color (we think color has been officially selected yet).

Jim finished the top of the shelves with a solid board on top giving this area a more finished, furniture look to it.  There will be crown moulding at the top.  And excuse the ugly light.  We are waiting on the electrician to come back to install our pendant light we just received.

Ahhhh butcher block counter tops how I love thee!  It looks so great with the cabinet color.  Such an affordable counter top option.  And we have enough left over to make a couple cutting boards.

I probably should have moved the junk on the counter tops.  Apparently I was being lazy yesterday afternoon.

And of course I have to give a close up beauty shot.  We finally ordered the beverage center so that should be getting installed shortly.  The counter tops come with one coat of conditioner so we will need to condition it once we are done working in here.  It's as easy as buying mineral oil from the drugstore and giving it a good rub down.

And a shot looking in from the kitchen.  It looks so good!!!  DAH!  It's only the beginning on the pantry renovation but with the little we have done, I'm already in love with it.

And yes our infamous paint swatch wall is back.  Anyone have any favorites in the crowd?  We narrowed it down to a tan/latte color for the walls.  We think it will bring out the cabinet color and the butcher block counter tops yet not compete with the burlap pendant.

We have lots to do yet on this pantry makeover.  Here's the project breakdown:
  • Paint radiator cover same color as cabinets
  • Paint shelves and shelving trim same color as cabinets
  • Select a wall color
  • Paint the walls
  • Install pendant light
  • Install crown moulding
  • Paint the trim
  • Paint the pocket door
  • Install the beverage center
  • Get the new cabinet doors (as they sent us the wrong ones originally) and install the chicken wire
  • Organize and pretty up the cabinets and shelves
  • Make a window treatment
  • Fix window trim
I think making a list of To Do's will keep us accountable and keep on track of what's been done and what hasn't.  Here's to hoping it works!