Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 19 #kitchenrenovation

Turn out the lights baaaaybaaaay (name that tune!)  Actually don't turn out the lights!  Turn them ON!  Man oh man am I in love!  Some of you have asked me if there has been a moment yet during this whole process if I was afraid that our vision wasn't turning out like we thought it would.  This was that moment...I was afraid the pendants were going to be too big for the space but thankfully I think they turned out to be the perfect size.  They did look ginormous in the box (even Jim thought so) but now that they are installed they look normal.  Guess I need to work on my spatial relations.

Below are the teal farmhouse pendants that are hanging over the peninsula.  I think they add a nice pop of color in our neutral kitchen.  My thinking behind this whole kitchen was to keep the really expensive stuff and the main parts of the kitchen neutral in hopes that it will stay in style for many years to come but yet add in color in areas that are cheaper and easier to replace should we get sick of them. Cue the teal colored lights.

And below is the pendant hanging over the sink.  Again another one where I thought it might be too big when it first arrived but now that it's up I love it and the size is just right.  Sorry for the hard to see pictures.  I didn't take these till really late last night.  And I know I need to work on my photography skills and maybe even learn how to use photo shop.

Close up of the farmhouse pendants.  Aren't they fun?

Looking towards the powder room.  This shot gives you a perspective for about how high up they hang.  It's a good distance from the counter to the bottom of the lights.  You can still stand up and not have these hit you in the face.

A somewhat better shot on the sink pendant.  You may have noticed the light bulb if you're keen observer.  If you did, you get a gold star for the day!  We purchased what they call vintage light bulbs.  They are a unique shape and clear so you can see the filament.  I think they give the pendants that extra oomph!  You can find them in the light bulb aisle of any home depot or hardware store.  They do cost extra just to warn you (Jim may or may not have a small heart attack when he saw the price.  So if you go with your significant other to buy these, make them wear a blindfold, supply them food so they are distracted or have them go to another department.  You'll thank me later.)

Beauty shot!

The electricians also installed the convection oven.  Yes the door is missing, your eyes aren't fooling you.  Mike has to come back to put the door back on.

Now the refrigerator has its friend the convection oven to talk to.  They're so cute together aren't they?  Our refrigerator is up and running now as well.  (water dispenser and ice maker to be hooked up on Monday when the plumber comes back out).  And the vent hood for the range was also hooked up. And no we haven't picked a color yet.  We need to get on that.  Bad Hornes!

Our new pantry light.  Isn't she priceless???  Don't you just love her???  Just kidding!  That's not our real pantry's just a temporary holder until the real light fixture comes in.  It's been back ordered for FOUR months.  Yes I typed that right and you read that right.  Count 'em FOUR months!  Ridic!  Back ordering has been the name of the game since the kitchen renovation started.  Guess the economy can't be that bad right?

And the laundry nook chandie...isn't it sooooo gorg????!?!  I love the shadows it cast on the walls.  Just makes doing laundry that much more fun.

Side shot for you because I can't get enough.

Tomorrow the granite is getting installed.  I think that is going to be a complete game changer and really take the kitchen to another level.  Can't wait!