Thursday, May 23, 2013

Roman shade luvin'

I love me a good roman shade.  When designing the kitchen, one thing Jim and I knew we wanted to incorporate was a roman shade to block the sun.  I'm all about light and sun but when it involves wearing sunglasses in your kitchen just so you can carry on a conversation you know something must be done!  I contemplated for about oooh 2.2 seconds making this on my own but I wised up fast!  I went to my favorite source for all things handmade...Etsy!  I found a shop called href
="">Cindy Cravens.  I sent her my dimensions and had my fabric directly shipped to her and three weeks later I had the roman shade in hand.  It was love at first sight!

Here's a close up of the many colors to choose from!  Pinks, blues, greens, yellows!  Love working with fabric that gives me so many options.

Like these bar stools...the teal blue and pink were plucked straight from that fabric.  I think they go smashing together!

And how it looks with the open shelves. 

I just love it and find myself gazing at it numerous times a day.  We're getting there in terms of calling this kitchen complete (although I'm sure I'll constantly be tweaking and organizing this space!).  We got a lot done this weekend in terms on painting.  So stay tuned for most projects!