Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 10 #kitchenrenovation

Not too much exciting went on during day 10...mostly taping of the blue board joints.  So this will be a somewhat quick post.  Below is the pantry...that oh-so-lovely salmon color is still rocking on the walls....ooooh yeah!  We decided to keep the radiator instead of replacing it with a toe kick radiator like we're doing in the kitchen.  We originally wanted to go with the toe kick radiator route so we could gain more cabinet space but due to practical reasons we kept the old radiator....use what ya got right?  And perhaps save some moolah along the way.  The toe kick radiator wouldn't give off enough heat and things would freeze, hence keeping it for practical reasons.  We did have the option of moving it to the outside wall under the window which would have been the ideal place for the radiator.  But it wouldn't have been a dramatic difference in the heating of the pantry to justify the money it would take to move the radiator to the exterior wall.  Next to the radiator you should be able to see a plug.  That will be for the built in beverage center, which we still have yet to purchase.  A beverage center is basically like a wine refrigerator but instead of having strictly wine racks it has about two or three rows of wine racks with two other shelves where you can put beer bottles, water bottles, soda cans, etc....basically a mini refrigerator.  And I love all things mini!
More taping of the main kitchen.  Notice the the pass through is now much bigger than from the previous post. 

The chimney is really popping now! Gosh, I love that thing.

Inside the closet.

Looking towards the powder room and the basement door.
The base of the chimney.  The floor will abut this right to the base of the chimney...aka no baseboard will go around the chimney base.

Buh bye hole-in-the-pantry-wall.  The water pipes were capped and blue boarded up.  Pipes who????

Inside the pantry looking at what was the old pantry door. 

Tomorrow is plaster and man does the room look sooooooo different!