Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 7 #kitchenrenovation

More plumbing and electrical work today.  Great news...we passed the plumbing inspection! #seeoldhousesdorock!

Here you can see the gas pipe that will be for the gas dryer...gunna have to get creative with how to disguise it or just work with it as it has a slight industrial look that fits in with the other exposed pipes and beams that are all through out the basement.

Moving up to the kitchen, the windows are G-O-N-E!!!!!!!!  It seriously makes the room feel so much bigger and open.  I love that you can see into Lady Land.   The left window will be where the refrigerator will be situated so that will be blocked up...I know people are probably thinking, why are you getting rid of all that natural light and won't that look weird/ugly on the Lady Land side of the wall???  Well one, we don't have a huge kitchen to begin with so we really had to squeeze every last inch we could out of this area and second do you really think I would ever let Lady Land look ugly?!  Puh-leeeasee!  I don't think so!  Mike will be building a shelf on the Lady Land side.  It will be a four shelf unit with a bead board backing...hello more knick knacks...come to mama!!!!  The right window will be open to Lady Land and it will be made into a pass through.  The granite will extend out into Lady Land with bead board and two corbels underneath the granite.  This will be really great come grilling/outdoor living time since I can just pass things to Jim instead of walking allllllll the way around through kitchen, the dining room and lady land just to get to outside.  Seeeee, we didn't totally get rid of  all that the natural light and open and airy feeling we want for this room.

Here is the Lady Land side of the pass through.  Some of the bead board is up so you can kinda get a better idea of what I was talking about above.

The soon to be shelf on the Lady Land side.  The wood for the shelf is leaning against the wall.  Jim really loves photo bombing #handsoffladieshesmine!

And we fiiiiinally have insulation!!!!  Wooohooo!  Our liquid dishwasher used to freeze and we always wondered why....well, we always suspected there was no insulation.  Turns out we were right.  Now maybe I won't have to wear 5 layers of clothing while hanging out in the kitchen.  But man, the fumes coming from the new insulation were something fierce!  Smelled like burning rubber.  Yuck!

The other hole in the chimney got bricked in.  Come to find out, the mason didn't want to replace the holes at the same time as he was slightly nervous that some of the other bricks would come out.  The chimney isn't going anywhere so need to panic but let's face it this is a 90 year old chimney...things are bound to get a lil' crumbly.

Until tomorrow...ciao!