Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's talk...beverage centers

Well our last appliance to purchase has arrived and is in! 
We, well ok ok, Jimmmm, did a lot of research on it.  We went back and forth about purchasing a wine fridge vs. a beverage center.  A wine fridge can either be just for whites or it can be a dual zone wine fridge that holds whites and reds and houses them at their appropriate temperatures.  The more we debated the options the more we leaned towards a beverage center.  A beverage center basically has a couple wine racks as well as some shelves where you can store beer, water, soda, etc.  It just seemed more flexible and more importantly would free up valuable refrigerator space. 
So beverage center it was. 
Jim and I both would pop in independently and together at the Yale Appliance Outlet Center in search of a beverage center.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find the deal of the century there.  Jim, the crafty researcher he is, found a website where Perlick (the Arien of wine fridges/beverage centers) sells discounted/floor models.  Lo and behold, we found "the deal of the century" for a Perlick beverage center (you'll typically see Perlick at restaurants and bars as these are mainly commercial items).  Just a call to Perlick and we had the item within a few days.  Jackpot! 
It is a panel ready and it is technically an ADA compliant beverage center so it's a tad shorter than normal but it was nothing that a filler panel couldn't fix.  And since it's panel ready + wrong pantry door cabinets that we got to keep once the new ones were installed = Jim's gotta another project added to his honey do list!
Finally the beer has a home!  And it looks all neat and tidy!

The two wine racks...and apparently Vitamin Water racks too...told ya it's a multi tasker!

The full shot.  Ain't it something??   Just wait till it has its panel on it...
We love it and I love the space we have back in our fridge.  We are ready for a party at a moments notice!  The pantry is inching there, little project by little project.
  • Paint radiator cover same color as cabinets
  • Paint shelves and shelving trim same color as cabinets
  • Select a wall color
  • Paint the walls
  • Install pendant light
  • Install crown moulding
  • Paint the trim
  • Paint the pocket door
  • Install the beverage center
  • Get the new cabinet doors (as they sent us the wrong ones originally) and install the chicken wire
  • Organize and pretty up the cabinets and shelves
  • Make a window treatment
  • Fix window trim
  • Make and install panel for beverage center