Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 2 #kitchenrenovation

Day 2 and the demo continues.  

Mike removed the tile and plaster insulation was there.  No wonder why we were always freezing! 

The frame around the chimney is gone.  We gained at least another 4 inches on two sides.  Great news!  (can you see the back of the dining room paneling?  kinda cool)

Jim loves to photo bomb.  Tsk tsk Jim!  This is looking towards what used to be the refrigerator wall.  Mike has almost completely opened up that wall.  The beams have to stay there until Mike puts an LVL beam in or else the whole house will fall down and Oreo and Tiger wouldn't like that very much!  Meow!

Looking towards what was the closet...there's some electrical outlets we never knew existed.  #photobombedAGAIN

Home to the new closet.

I thought this was a cool picture.  You can see a diamond patterned wood floor beneath the dust.  That must have been a beauty back in the day.  The sink and cabinets were hiding this.  I just love the demo phase to see what once was.  It's fun dreaming up what the house used to look like.

Another type of flooring was discovered...hardwoods.  And do you see that weird metal contraption with two holes in it in the upper right hand corner?  Apparently this used to be a blender that was built into the counter and you put your glass container in one of those holes and blended away.  This was in the cabinet next to the dishwasher and the whole time Jim and I just assumed it was for the dishwasher somehow.  #whoknew?

Buh bye tile and plaster wall!  Another thing that I love about the demo phase is finding out things that were done our sink for example was never vented (don't ask me why a sink needs to be vented) but thankfully it's an easy fix since there is an existing pipe there.  I don't want to end up like someone on Property Brother's.

So how are we doing without a kitchen so far?  The first night we made do with what we had and cooked ourselves a nice (albeit slightly dub) dinner.   I washed dishes in the bathroom sink.  It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  The second night we took advantage of the fact Sammy was vacationing up in NH at Meme's house and met up after work.  We checked out the free Thursday nights at the ICA and as well as two new restaurants/bars.  So overall, so far so good but it's too early to tell...ask again in 4 weeks....

And I'll leave you with this parting shot of you think she misses Sammy?  #whilethedogsawaythecatswillplay