Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 12 #kitchenrenovation

Trim!!!  I love trim and moulding as I think it adds so much texture and depth to a room.  We wanted to preserve as much of the existing trim as we could (because we like to reuse things as much as we can, save some cash and we want to keep things like trim/moulding flowing seamlessly through the house as much as we can).  During the powder room renovation, Jim was able to reuse most of the existing trim which was great.  Unfortunately, Mike wasn't able to save much of the trim during the reno but he was able to replicate the look.  PHEW!  The picture below is the closet.  We were able to save the old closet door but with new trim around the door.  Looks just like the old door and trim.  Success!

Trim around the pass through.  At first, I wasn't loving the look of the trim around the pass through but now I'm contemplating just painting it the same color of the walls so it blends in with the wall.  As opposed to painting the trim white so it sticks out and looks like a window (which is not the look I was going for with the pass through).   I do like the depth it adds so I think it will stick around for the long run.

Side angle of the sink window.  The old ledge stuck out much further than it does now.  Which looked fine because the actual wall stuck out about 4 more inches than it does now (remember the white tiled wall and the horse hair plaster??)  Plus our new kitchen sink faucet is about  two and a half feet tall so the ledge needed to be trimmed back some.  A little pot can still sit on the ledge so maybe a few cute succulents will make a home there (and not the gift cards and other crap that used to live on the window sill).

Plastering up of the old washer/dryer pipes.

This is the door to the dining room.  You may not have noticed in the old kitchen but the trim on the left hand side stopped at the counter; it didn't go to the ground.  It always bugged us.  During the planning phase that was one thing we knew for sure we wanted to work in.  Since we gained an extra 4 inches from exposing the chimney we were able to bring the trim to the ground without losing cabinet space.  Score!

Sammy the inspector gives his bark of approval for the trim. 

BIG week coming up!  Installation of the floors and cabinets!  It's getting there!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOHOO!

Day 11 #kitchenrenovation

Plaster today!  Dark walls who??  Hello bright, light and airy white plastered walls!  What a game changer plaster is.   It makes the room seem so much bigger than it really is and REALLY makes the kitchen look like a real room.  Below is the pantry.  Can you believe that wall used to be the entrance to the pantry?  Neither can I!

View looking towards the back door.  You can see the definition of the beam better than you could when just the blue board was up.

Looking towards lady land and the dining room.

The closet.

And back to the pantry again.  That weird pipe coming up for the bottom of wall is the  new dryer vent. This vent will come from the outside of the pantry, down through the pantry floor and out the basement ceiling.  You won't be able to see the vent at all in the pantry as it will be placed under the corner cabinet.  BUT you will be able to see it in the basement so Jim and I are trying to come up with a way to disguise it.  Jim brought up the genius idea of building a soffit around it.  We'll see where we end up with once we talk things out more.

Next up...trim!