Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 20 #kitchenrenovation

The granite is in!  The granite is in!!!!  And we couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!   It makes it feel like a real honest to goodness kitchen!!!  Did I mention I love it??? 

Oh and yes, the oven door is back on and it is ready to be used.  Ahhh doesn't the granite make it look so finished?  You may notice that the trim needs to be put back on the pass through.  The granite installers had to take it off in order to put the granite in on that side.  You can see it extends through the pass through and into Lady Land slightly.  That feature is going to come in handy come grilling weather (well that is whenever mother nature decides to stop tormenting us with all this snow!!!!!)

And the peninsula.  You may also notice the tappen yaki grill has been installed.  Well it's in place but not hooked up yet. 
Close up of the overhang, which is about a 12" overhang.  We went with a really simple straight edge profile.  Clean and classic and no up charge for a fancy cut.  Bonus!
And the "hutch" area.  Ahhhh I love it so!  So glad we decided to put a piece of granite on top of the apothecary drawers.  I think it makes that area look like a separate piece of furniture but yet it's not.

Close up of the apothecary drawers.

The range area.  We now actually have a place to put a spatula instead of our old range that was hanging all by it's lonesome with no counters on either side of it.

The installers did a great job of getting super close to the chimney.

And the sink area.  I love how the counter goes over the sink making for easy squeezey clean up.  Just brush the crumbs off the counter and right into the sink.

Our experience with the granite had it's ups and downs but overall we are so happy with it.  My friend recommended going to see the slab in person and having them draw the outline of the space right on the slab and I am so thankful for that suggestion.  We were able to capture the part of the stone we loved the most, which was the grey veining.  I highly recommend doing this if you have the opportunity. 
By Monday we should have a usable kitchen!  So crazy to think how far we've come in such a short amount of time.