Friday, April 5, 2013

Floors #kitchenrenovation

Well the floors are officially D-O-N-E!  We still technically aren't allowed to walk on them till Saturday morning but the flooring guys are done and I'm so happy with how they came out!

We went back and forth on flooring and one thing we knew wanted was wide planked as wide as we possibly could get.  But everything we saw in Home Depot, Lowes or Lumber Liquidators maxed out at 5".  Then one of the general contractors who came to  give us a quote mentioned a place down the cape called Stonewood that sold reclaimed wide plank pine floors.  I think I stopped listening at the word reclaimed.  You all know my love of old things so my mind was made up...we were getting these floors..somehow, some way.  So Jim and I made the trek down the Cape one Saturday and we both fell in love (ok well maybe I did but Jim would just say they a'ight...they look the same as the floors at Lumber Liquidators.  Men!)

We ended up getting a combination of 4.5" and 8" wide reclaimed pine floors.  These boards were planed out of old wood from a mill down south called Martha Mills.  It's pretty cool thinking our new-to-us floors have such a story to tell.  I love all the knot holes, the nail holes, and all the little imperfections in them.  I think they fit in nicely with the character of our old house.

We used Varathane's Early American stain on the floors.  A nice brown hue that will darken with age.  The numerous coats of poly certainly make it shiny.

Can't wait for our new back door to come in....if only Home Depot can get it's act together.

It was hard to get good pictures since I was hanging over the threshold trying to get some pictures without stepping on the floors.

 We're hoping to get some progress done in the pantry or maybe the open shelves in the kitchen...who knows where the weekend will take us, I meeeeeeeean where it will take Jim!