Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's talk...refrigerators!

Ahhh fridges...big ones, smalls ones, side by side, french door, etc., etc., etc...When we first started this process, all I knew was that I wanted BIG (The bigger the better in my book) and a side by side.  I knew I did NOT want the freezer on the bottom because I never thought you could find anything in the freezer since it's basically a chest freezer. But my dream lasted ooooh 5 minutes when it was quickly shattered by Mr. Practical (aka my husband).  Why do men always have to be so practical???  Can't they let our dreams live a lil longer than 5 minutes???  Anyhoo, I'm getting off topic here.  Refrigerators.  We spent months (ok, I kinda made us spend months) researching and shopping since it had to fit a couple key criteria:  professional handles, counter depth, had to look built in, couldn't be wider than 36" since we wanted to keep as much counter space as possible, side by side, and oh yeah, couldn't cost thousands and thousands of dollars.   During the search I realized that if I couldn't get a big fridge, then having a side by side didn't make sense because the one we have now is a side by side and I think the freezer is super skinny and I basically can't even fit a plate in there let alone a big ice cream cake.  So I accepted the fact my dream was gone and we started looking at french door frigs.  Then I started being picky about the wire drawers, had to pull out, etc.  I was basically becoming unrealistically picky and I do think Jim may have wanted to strangle me...God bless his soul.

Enter the Jenn Air.  It had professional handles that you could purchase as well as grill that would make the refrigerator appear built in like it's more expensive counterparts such as the Subzero. 

Interesting fact.  This refrigerator is made by Amana (the appliance division is owned by Whirlpool) and this same exact fridge is also sold by Kitchen Aid and Viking with each having a different price point.  I'm sure you can guess which one was more a lot of times you really are just paying for the brand name.  Jenn Air was offering really good rebates which was a huge factor in our decision but I also liked the fact that I could upgrade to the professional handles for a nominal fee.  So I was getting the look for less!  Awesomesauce!

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  1. LOVE! You know i had the same dream as you, and then relinquished myself to the counter depth with french doors, freezer on bottom and all i can tell you in you are going to be SOOO happy with it! I love love love it! Cant wait to see this beauty installed!