Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's talk...counter tops!

So many choices of counter tops!  It took us a looong time just to figure out that we would go with granite.  Then from there it took us a while to narrow down the color.  I wanted a white based granite (well what I REALLY wanted was marble but one, it was just too expensive and two Jim shot it down very quickly) while Jim wanted a beige/brown colored granite.  I had to use my magical powers to convince Jim to go with the white based granite.  I had seen kashmir white in stores and I was always drawn to the white, grays and the specs of red it had in it.  Someone recommended that we go to a stone yard called MSI International.  This was the best thing we did.  The selection there was enormous that I felt like we had seen every stone that was ever made.  It was also helpful to see the slab in person so we could see the movement of the stone and how the colors were dispersed through out the slab. 

Once we decided on the color, we got prices from a few different stone stores.  The bummer thing was due to the square footage that we needed for the counters (60 sf), we would need to use 2 slabs of stones.  Having to jump up to two slabs would mean the price of the stone would increase.  Each slab can fit about 50 sf of counter space so we were so close!  Ugh!  We ended up getting a great deal at Stone Depot, located in Dedham, MA thanks to a referral fee discount, (thanks Krissy and Lou!), Jim's rico suavey negotiating skills and the fact that we would get a discount if we paid all in cash.  Never hesitate to ask about cash discounts as some vendors will give you some sort of discount.  Worth a shot asking.

I really think the kashmir white will pick up the gray in our kitchen cabinets, the white is neutral and the red will pick up the wood from the kitchen floors. I just love it...great alternative to my first love of marble.

Now on to the pantry.  I knew I wanted a different look than what was going on in the kitchen.  The cabinets in the pantry were a darker gray than in the kitchen and the look was more kitchy country with chicken wire cabinets, burlap lights and paisley curtains.  We also didn't want to spend a fortune on the pantry since it's not a room you see all the time but still wanted to look cute and flow with the kitchen.  So of course my first instinct was to look to Ikea for an affordable option.  Jim and I both loved the look of butcher block so we decided to use it in the pantry.  Since there won't be in the sink in the pantry we didn't have to worry about the high maintenance that is associated with the butcher block....just rub some mineral oil every couple months to keep the wood from drying out and it's good to go.  We went with the Numerar butcher block counter top in oak.  We did have to get two slabs due to the size of the pantry but we will have left overs that we'll use to make cutting boards.  Waste not, want not!

The last counter top we had to figure out was for the laundry nook.  We are still unsure of the set up of that lil room (stacking the washer/dryer vs. side by side with a counter over the appliances).  But either way we will be having a counter where I can fold clothes.  We knew we wanted to reuse the soapstone counters that were in the kitchen so we decided to use it in the laundry nook.  Depending on how we set up the washer/dryer we may have to cut it.  Stone Depot said they would cut it for us for a fee if we bring them the stone. 

Hopefully I don't get caught in this nasty storm that is scheduled to hit Boston today through Friday.  Lots of updates in the kitchen to  update you on...Till then!


  1. I cant wait to see the granite with the cabinets! Its all coming together....simply amazeballs!

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