Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let's talk lights

Much to Jim's chagrin (you'll notice I use this phrase a lot) I have plans to change out every light in the house.  Who doesn't love a blingy chandie or a country kitsch pendant??  It's like jewelry for the ceiling.

I was sooooooooo excited to pick out lights for the kitchen, pantry, laundry nook and wine closet (oh why yes we are renovating in the basement, I like to make things more complex/harder than they need to be???  Why yes, yes I do :)  Again, much to Jim's chagrin (there's that phrase again!)

I set what I thought was reasonable budget for six lights but I came under budget.  #waytogome  (although Jim would like to offer another opinion that my budget was a some what made up number but I will disagree with that till the death)

Below is the pendant that will hang above the peninsula.  There will be two of them.  Jim picked out the color (nice job Jim!).  They are from the Young House Love line from Shades of Light .  I love this line for so many reasons...affordable, on trend, good amount of options, etc.  #iheartyounghouselove

Above the sink, will hang this beauty from Pottery Barn (the light we actually got is no longer being carried by Pottery Barn but the one in the link is pretty close).  I got it on major sale #score  

Moving on to the Pantry.  Since we're going for a more country kitsch look in here (think chicken wire cabinets and burlap) I thought this light from restoration hardware kids fit the bill.  I got it on one of the many 20% off sales they have.

Now for the wine closet, we knew what we wanted but we were constricted with what we could get due to the location of the light (right above the doorway).  We both loved the industrial cage lights and I think the light we got was exactly what we wanted.  We think we can just put this on the existing fixture.  Fingers crossed it works out!

The last light is for the laundry nook (not really a room as it will be a small section/nook in the basement...aka only walls on three sides).  The look for this nook is country/shabby chic.  My friend sent me this light and once I laid my eyes on this beaut, it was love at first sight.  Love me some chicken wire.

So that wraps it up for lighting....until I find my next victim to replace...bahahaha


  1. love the cage lights! and thanks for all the links!!

  2. ohhh gorgeous! i have loved that cage light ever since i first saw it! can't wait to see them all hanging!!!

  3. Love em! Great picks as always!