Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fridge Coasters #operationorganization

Does anyone find keeping your refrigerator clean such a battle and chore?  I sure do!  How do refrigerators get so dirty so quickly?  And when I start to think about how dirty my fridge is I get the shivers and close the door hoping the cleaning fairy will come clean it for me.  So far, she hasn't shown up. 

So with the arrival of the new beverage center I thought it would time to fun up our fridge and clean it out.  I know it's fairly new but for some reason it already had crumbs in it.  Annoying! 

Here's a few before shots of the fridge.  Looking pretty sparse huh?

Pickles and Sprite Zero anyone?

Condiments, juice and milk on one side.

Our fridge is on the smaller size so my quest is make good use out of each and every square inch of this fridge. 

But I'll get to that later.  Check out these fun fridge liners.  There's a party going on in my fridge!

Aren't they fun?

I purchased them from a company call Fridge Coasters.  They are made up of recycled materials and you should replace them periodically as they get stained.  They are made of a cardboard like material.  But the great thing about them is no stain to clean on the actual fridge because let's face it, cleaning the drawers and compartments of the fridge is less than my idea of a good time.  So anyway to make the process easier is a win in my book.  Plus I mean look at the fridge, doesn't it make you smile?  They come in various sizes to fit your type of fridge. 
Next up, organizing the fridge.

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