Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drawer liners #operationorganization

Renovating the kitchen was a great excuse to finally organize it once we moved everything back in.  I never really had the motivation to organize the kitchen when we first moved in since we knew we would eventually be renovating it.  If I had known it would take us three years to pull the trigger on the renovation I probably would have done a better job unpacking and organizing when we first moved in.  Hindsight is 20/20 though right?

Well, we're taking advantage of the fresh start and putting time and thoughtful consideration into where things will live.  I'm sure it will be a constant evolution until we find a system that works for us but in the mean time I'm having fun with it and looking for more ways to inject some fun, colors and texture into our otherwise neutral kitchen.

So off to Sewfisticated I went in search of three different patterned fabric in fun colors.  Now it's a party every time you open a drawer.  I just measured the insides of the drawers, cut out the dimensions on the fabric and covered the fabric with clear contact paper I picked up at Staples.

It was easy to do, just time consuming.  And it's far from perfect but I'm okay with it...trying to live by the motto of it doesn't have to be perfect to be pretty...anything that makes me smile gets an A in my book.

This fabric is my favorite.  There's just something about it.

We're still working on what will go in the drawers and a little more organization is in order for inside the actual drawers. 

Last night Jim made some amazing chicken tacos on the range.  Isn't it so pretty and fun?  It's so nice to have the kitchen again and have fresh, homemade cooked meals. We're also having fun using serving pieces that were such a pain to get to in the old kitchen.


  1. Love the drawer liners! What a fun idea. Liking the look of those chicken tacos too!

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  3. Where is the leftover Easter candy going to be stored? - JJ

  4. so cute!! I think I'm going to steal :)

  5. Loving your drawer liner idea! Very crafty

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